Lisa Wolverton has contributed twenty years of formidable experience in sales, marketing and promotion to both profit and non-profit sectors in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

After over a decade in the recording and entertainment industries with roles at Sony Music and PolyGram in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, Lisa committed her focus to non-profit initiatives; her passion and expertise have since been integral to the success of numerous local and global agency fundraising campaigns dedicated to helping children live better lives.

Lisa co-chaired the 2007 UNICEF campaign’s “Unite For Children, Unite Against AIDS”, a major concert in Montreal. The event raised funds and spearheaded enhanced awareness of the global pandemic and its effect on
children. Lisa now serves on the board of UNICEF Canada and is active in its corporate fundraising directives.

She is also the founder of Generation i, an organization that works alongside community based organizations to implement projects that reach the most vulnerable children in Iraq through local, authentic solutions.

Lisa is the Executive Director of the Wolverton Foundation and together with the Wolverton family, helps the foundation realize its mission to bring music into the lives of children in Vancouver.